Impression outside

Lounge, luxury barbecue, table, chairs with cushion, covered

You can enjoy the covered veranda, which is equipped with all conveniences, such as an outdoor kitchen and a modern equipped barbecue.

Comfortable seats with cushions, covered, also enjoy during bad weather.

Covered porch, with barbecue, kitchen and table with chairs.

Terrace, tables with chairs in a natural environment, forest, birds.

You can enjoy the view, the birds and the animals in the sun on the terrace.

Arbor, enjoyment, rest, breakfast, nature, squirrel.

You can enjoy your breakfast here. And if you are lucky you will be visited by the squirrel.

October, Autumn, Nature, Mushrooms grow, tree stump.

Mushrooms growing from a stump.

Table, bench, view of pasture, nature.

Panorama uitzicht.

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